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Our Services >> Graphics Designing

Graphic Designing is an art that intensifies the thoughts. It has the tendency to create magic with pictures and say a lot more than words. In fact, Graphic Designing is a process of visual communication supported by typographical effects and graphical elements. Creativity used in this art empowers the brand to establish a strong hold in the market. Understanding this need, we have developed services of designing brochures, Pam plates, e-cataloger, mass graphic design, custom space design, texture graphic design, form graphic design, multimedia presentations and logos. Our skilled designers walk hand-in-hand with the latest trends to strengthen the position of brands in the market.

The art of designing images has expanded to various fields, such as graphic user interface based designing, films and videos, signage design, book designing, poster designing, product packaging designing, environmental graphic designing, promotional materials designing, advertisement and newsletter designing. With such a vast interpretation, Graphic Designing at L N Technologies will make you ever more expressive to reach the target audience.

It is the stairs of research, exploration of latest trends, ideation and re-evaluation that a graphic designer has to climb for putting his thematic mind into action. Some of the commonly used applications in their field are Quark Express, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
1. Brochure and Pam Plate: Brochures are essentially designed to bring a company face-to-face with the masses. They are identity tools that lay the red carpet for a company to arrive. In fact, their purpose is to inform the audience about a company’s products and services. Being the goodwill pillars of a company, brochures have to be designed carefully with use of colors, logo placement, typography and size of the graphic elements. It is always better to have a theme behind designing brochures and pam plates. One of the main advantages is that it gets ready within 2 or 3 days and is extremely affordable mode of communication. Some of the brochures available in the market are bi-fold and tri-fold brochures, folders design, flyers design, inserts design, leaflets design, catalogs design and gate-fold brochures. Knowing the importance of identity, we design brochures that speak about a company’s thought and work process.

2. E Cataloger:We are living in a world that understands the language and process of computer than anything else. Going by this nature, it has become essential for the businesses to have their e-catalogues present on the web. Today, over 40 percent catalogues appear on paper and this mars the business prospects of companies. At L N Technologies, we create catalogues that are e-commerce friendly and help the company to cover a wide market.

3. Multimedia Presentations:
Anything presented well is the talk of today; everything else is stale. We know that conveying an idea in a comprehensive tone helps the customer to have a knack of a company’s business prospects. Our professional designers have the expertise to tame complicated elements and develop highly competitive presentations.

4. Logo:
To have a distinct identity is vital for creating monopoly in the market. Logos are designed to give recognition to the company, establish branding and are also responsible for its overall success. It is the intellectual property of a company that can be set by special typeface or calligraphic style of words and characters. In designing so, there is a need to consider the ideation behind it, along with the color, shape, style, typeface and image to create distinctiveness. Being the benchmark of a company, logo has to be designed with utmost care for giving a distinctive identity to the company. Understanding this essentiality, L N Technologies have professionals to develop logos that create an unmatchable identity for the clients.
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