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Our Products >> Fee Management System

Reliability is one such word that has the power of laying down the foundation for trust. Designed on the same platform is L N Technologies’ Fee Management System software. It enables the users to administer daily school/ college management task and deliver efficiency. With its capability of creating a uniqueness, this software tends to take full control of the business, manage it without any hassles and save a lot of time.

Main Principles :-
  • Security: It security sub-systems supports dividing users into several groups, with each group having its own rights to view or change data.
  • Reliability: The data management system of this software is based on transaction, which never allows the data to be lost or corrupted because of any problem.
  • Data Recovery: It also allows the user to recover the data, even after getting deleted. This leaves you without any worries for all the necessary information.
  • Double Check Prompt: Before changing over to another data or information and deleting, the user will get a prompt asking for a double-check.
  • Availability: The base programmer is configured such that it is easily available for downloading and using the data with immediate effect.
  • User-friendly: Its easily accessible interface allows starting the work without any hassles.
  • Multiuser over LAN (Local Area Network): This software allows the user to share the data over network.
Need of System:
  1. This is a web-based application that requires the use of high-speed internet services in schools and colleges.
  2. To support it, this also requires one highly configured computer machine.
Company Set-Up Module:
The “Company Module” of L N Fee Management System helps in customizing the software as per requirements of the organization. In this module, user inputs company details, fiscal year of the organization, currency and other details.

Master Set-Up Module:
With the help of this module, a user can master all the details of the fee system. This starts off from the formation of an institute and the branch offices. Afterwards, the details about the candidates’ recruitment in institutes’/ department’s particular group are also fed.

Candidate Profile Module:
  1. 1. Firstly, one registration online form is filled by the student. Then, the candidate gets a mail after the registration. On the other hand, print-out of the registration forms are also accepted at the time of registration.
  2. 2. Another way is that a registration form is filled by administration and candidate does not receive any type of mail. It is filled in the school campus, where internet connection is also required.
Candidate Fee Module:
  1. New Candidate/ Yearly Renew Fee Collection: It is collected annually, when a candidate takes admission in the school and renews it for the same or new class. After collection of the fee, a system generates an admission number for every new candidate or renews admission number of old student for new class or same class.
  2. Old Candidate Fee Collection: With the help of this procedure, administration can collect student’s fee studying on the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis in school.
The L N Fee Software has the ability to generate different reports as per the user requirements.

With the wealth of skill, technique and dedication, L N Technologies have worked out for their goodwill. The quality of our work has the magnetic power of drawing any organization and helping them to establish a powerful stand in the market. It is our reputation that enables various companies to bond with us for their projects.

The .Net Technology:
Our L N Fee System is developed on the .net framework that ensures technological skills of our experts. This framework provides:

  • Platform independent development
  • Application is also compatible for PDAs, cell phones and many more
  • Web-based applicability
  • Has technology that will not go obsolete in future
  • It is flexible as user has the authority to add and alter allowance, deductions and pay slabs. The software changes as per client requirements.
  • It is reliable as internal tax tables are maintained and updated throughout the year to ensure accurate payroll process.
  • It has the convenience of automating the payroll for any business. Program default information minimizes user input requirements.
  • Each payroll run may have unique deductions and benefit frequencies, giving users flexibility in changing.

The security of this system is given prime importance. We have designed it such that it ensures the safety of candidate’s profile from getting deleted, even from the master records. To optimize the database, an entity may be archived and made inactive. This denotes that the application is user friendly.

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